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Dockside Lullabies

Written from the stories and experiences of the Catholic Irish in Liverpool, England, back in the days of the first waves of immigration when discrimination meant that you couldn't get a job if you were open about your religion and your culture.

Boys of Queens

This song was written after the tragedy of 9/11 in New York. It centres on a typical Irish American family steeped in the tradition of the FDNY, but told from the last words of one brother who faces death in the current conflict in Iraq. Just before he dies, he longs to be back in a bar in his native Queens and recalls the last night he spent in there before he left for the war.

Ghosts of Our Past

If the streets and bars of Hammersmith in the 1950's, 60's and 70's could talk today, they'd tell a very different story to the picture it portrays in modern times. Andy recalls his upbringing in what was an Irish stronghold when he grew up there in the 1970's and 80's.


Whitey Bulger- on the FBI's Ten Most Wanted List to this very day! Leader of the Irish Mob in South Boston.

Honour of the Gael

Written especially for the film 'Townies' it speaks of the loyalty, honour and brutality of growing up and surviving in Charlestown, MA. It has been received extremely well by the people of Boston. "Honour of the Gael should be the Charlestown anthem" Mike O'Dea, Shamrock Films.


Written as entrance music for London Irish powerlifter Steve "Plunkster" Plunkett.

All I Ask

A song of longing for the old ways, the poetry, music and beautiful landscapes contrasted with the modern war-torn streets in the North of Ireland.

Christmas in London

A love story from the streets of London.

Mary of The Northolt Rd

An amusing yet worryingly familiar story of a drunken one night stand, set in many of our local haunts in Irish North West London.

BangBang You're Dead

A short, sharp and deliberately flippant song about killing. Another of the songs written for the movie 'Townies'


A Steve Earle song. Tells the cmmon story of an Irish Immigrant forced to leave Ireland because of persecution and finds himself fighting in the American Civil War. Thousands of Irishmen gave their lives on both sides of this conflict with many regiments flying the green flag alongside the respective flags of both sides. 

My Town

Written for the movie 'Townies' which is set in Charlestown, Boston. It's from the perception of a typical street tough and how he intends to rise to the top of the city's underworld.

Better Man Than Me

A song about rising above the provocation of sectarianism in the North of Ireland, inspired by our friends the McKeevers, Co Armagh.

McBratney From The Kitchen

Recalls the death of a member of the legendary Hells Kitchen Irish Mob back in New York in the 1980's.

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