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The Irish as a race have given the world some of the most important and influential people in rock’n’roll iq options history, the likes of Rory Gallagher, Thin Lizzy, U2 and, through descension, The Beatles, The Smiths and Oasis more recently. The influence iqoptions of traditional music is well acknowledged by all these artists, many of them citing the more traditional artists like The Chieftains, Luke Kelly and The Dubliners as mentors with The Pogues landing somewhere between the two styles. Still nobody to this day has truly married all these into one as naturally and effortlessly as The BibleCodeSundays, with the added influence of growing up in a multicultural London, surrounded by a strong Irish community. This breeds a unique branch of the worlds vast Irish population. The stories, poems and songs that speak of a beautiful landscape and glorious heroes mixed in with the aggressive, dirty streets of day to day London. The BibleCodeSundays debut album ‘Ghosts of Our Past’ was born mostly out of frustration that no one band iqoption was really hitting the mark. The Pogues had opened a door and nobody was stepping through and carrying on their work as so many bands had done with The Beatles.

The Irish have played a major role in nearly every major event in recent world history, the struggles, successes and failures are the inspiration for the songs that make up this unique collection. The band are made up of Ronan MacManus (son of Ross & brother of Declan aka Elvis Costello), Andy Nolan (ex Shane McGowan & the Popes), Carlton Hunt (ex Bad Manners), Enda Mulloy (son of Tom. the legendary Mulloy Brothers), Joe Moran (ex All-Ireland champion) and one of the best young fiddle players in London Patrick Franklin. This remarkable band represents both the history and the future of Irish music.

For our future we must embrace the ghosts of our past.

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